Hello, world

Hi all. My name is Matt, and I’m – you guessed it – a parent. I have a 5-year-old (going on 15) daughter named Maya and this is my first attempt at a blog. My aim is to build a few habits and see where they take me.

First, I’m attempting to build a consistent writing habit. I had been attempting to do so in private Word docs and found that I just wasn’t being consistent with the habit. By creating a public-facing blog and working to set a schedule for publishing posts (stay tuned for that once I’ve had a chance to wrap my head around what I’ve just jumped into!) on a regular basis, I hope to add a little accountability to this habit. (Also, it’d be nice to actually get better at the actual ACT of writing)

Second, I’m attempting to put to words some of the daily struggles I have as a parent. I feel too often in this Instagramified world we are constantly bombarded by posts from parents that make their lives look amazing and perfect, and make parenting look easy. This has not been my experience, and I think it’s a worthwhile exercise to share some parenting realness. Let’s be clear – my daughter is actually pretty amazing. All told, she’s actually a really great, and a really easy kid. This blog will NOT be a bitch-fest or a nonstop outlet for complaining about parenting, since much of the time I have great and wonderful stories to share and will do so. However, because Maya is usually such an easy kid, it makes it all the harder for me when she suddenly goes into meltdown mode since it’s not something I’m grappling with all the time. Hopefully putting out there the good, the bad, the mistakes, the lessons learned, and most importantly the wins will help me make sense of this crazy endeavor that is parenting.

I won’t bore you all (and by all right now, it’s likely just me talking to myself for now!) with more at this point, since future posts will fill you in more on who I am, who my family is, and what we’re up to. In the end, just taking a leap online to say: “Hello, world!”

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